Locator Tool for ZULRESSO Treating Centers

This searchable database may help locate nearby REMS-certified healthcare settings that are currently accepting patients with PPD for treatment with ZULRESSO.

Not actual patients.

Find your nearest ZULRESSO Treating Center

ZULRESSO Treating Center hours and patient/visitor guidelines may be impacted due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Please contact treating centers directly for the latest information.

You may have questions about the ZULRESSO infusion prior to treatment. Your doctor and healthcare team should be your primary resources for any questions regarding treatment with ZULRESSO, including selecting a Treating Center. Please enter your Zip Code, City, or State below to find ZULRESSO Treating Centers near you.

ZULRESSO may cause you to feel very sleepy (excessive sedation) or pass out (loss of consciousness). Because of the risk of serious harm resulting from feeling very sleepy or passing out during treatment, ZULRESSO is only available through a restricted program called the ZULRESSO REMS in which a healthcare provider will carefully monitor you at a certified healthcare facility.

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Locations displayed are for informational purposes only.

If you are a healthcare setting listed on this Locator Tool and wish to opt out or update your information, please email support@sagecentralsupport.com

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A REMS-certified healthcare setting designated as a “ZULRESSO Treating Center” in this Locator Tool has completed the requirements to enroll and certify in the ZULRESSO REMS and has submitted evidence to Sage Therapeutics, Inc. (“Sage”) that the healthcare setting is actively accepting new patients with PPD for treatment with ZULRESSO.

Inclusion of a REMS-certified healthcare setting in the Locator Tool does not represent an endorsement, referral or recommendation from Sage and is not intended as medical advice. Inclusion of a healthcare setting in this Locator Tool is based on approval by the Authorized Representative for each healthcare setting and no fees have or will be received in exchange for participation in this Locator Tool. Moreover, the REMS-certified healthcare settings participating in this Locator Tool do not necessarily endorse the use of any Sage products.

This Locator Tool is intended to provide users with the opportunity to locate nearby ZULRESSO Treating Centers and is compiled for informational purposes only. In no event shall Sage or its employees or agents be liable for the actions of any of the healthcare settings listed herein or any damages resulting from or related to this Locator Tool. All users agree that use of this Locator Tool is at their own risk.

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Contact Sage Central for more information about treatment with ZULRESSO for postpartum depression (PPD). 1-844-4-SAGERX. M-F, 8am-8pm ET. For a complete list of REMS Certified healthcare settings please visit www.zulressorems.com.